The Ridiculous Origins of the Occidental Fools Parade

Once upon a time a silly little fool decided that there simply must be other silly fools living in the forest around her, even though she had never ever seen them. She thought maybe they were as lonesome as she was and so she decided that it was high time to throw a party and invite all the fools she could find.

So she put on her silly-thinking cap (the cap that makes you think SILLY thoughts) and she went to play creating a day of frolic and frivolity for her unseen fool-friends. And when the day arrived, so did hundreds of fools! They came out of the woods and out of the woodwork. Why this little town was just brimming with merriment and joy! Even the birds sang more beautifully, and the trees grew taller toward the sun! And the little fool made lots of new friends!

And so it was decided that they must do it every year so as not to forget the love, laughter, and lunacy in our hearts that connects us to one another. The King and Queen of the Fools would be elected by acclamation of Dolts, Simpletons, Whackos and Idiots from far and wide!

Now in our 6th year, the Occidental Center for the Arts has taken on the organizing of the Parade and will provide an open house of live performances and activities for children at the newly refurbished Center for the Arts, which is where the parade will end.

Face it: you're one of us! Come and play!

Main Parade Details